Services that will change the way that your business works

We see our work as much more than a tax return at yearend. We apply a team approach to give our customers access to a team of preofssionals that would otherwise only be available to much larger businesses. As a small business owner you are better served by a whole accounting team rather than relying on a single accountant.


Your business partners need to know they can rely on your financials to make key decisions. Our audit and assurance team has it covered. With substantial investment in our people and our audit technology, our firm is your best choice for getting the most value from your audit. We invest in the professional development of our assurance staff and in our audit and review procedures to maximize the value to your organization.

Non-Profit Organizations

Give your directors and your members the peace of mind that your financial affairs are in order.

Government Organizations

Provide adequate assurance to the public community that appropriate controls are in place and that bylaws are being followed.

Profit Oriented Enterprise

Instill confidence in financial performance to your shareholders, creditors and other business partners.

Business Advisory

You need information that helps you plan, manage and control the growth of your business. With our Virtual CFO service you get business insights and cash flow forecasting without paying for a fulltime CFO.

Industry Performance

Know your critical success factors and keep track of the key performance indicators that let you know you are on target. Check your dashboard each morning and compare your business to that of your competitors or other in your industry in specific regions.

Financial Reporting

Create the reports you need to show the information you and your investors and your creditors care about. Identify trends, exploit opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Don’t just look in the rearview mirror; look ahead and see where your business is headed. Make course corrections before you run into trouble.

Business Valuation

How much is your business worth? How can you increase the value of your business? Whether you have plans to exit soon or just thinking about your long term succession, this information is key.


Feeling pressed for time? Need access to your information right away? We can help by leveraging our investment in electronic signatures, client portals, virtual meetings and cloud accounting solutions. Everything you need is no more than a click away. Let us take care of your accounting and regulatory reporting while you focus on your business and serving your customers.

KPI Dashboards

Get the most relevant financial and non-financial information all at one glance. Let us aggregate, summarize, and format your data into meaningful reports.

Accounting Solutions

Outgrowing your current accounting system? Let us help you with your technology, procedures, and training to bring an appropriate level of maturity to your finance and accounting function.


Need help with your productivity software, data integration, workflow, electronic document storage, electronic signatures, virtual meetings, and virtual computing? Look no further; we have it covered. Bringing best of breed technology to business of any size.


The increasing complexity of tax rules that apply to individual scenarios make it more difficult than ever to manage, not to mention optimize tax filings.

Personal Tax

The rules change every year and software is updated more often to keep pace with these changes. However, are you sure you are getting the tax cuts you are entitled to? Are you optimizing your lifetime tax liability and not just maximizing your current year refund?

Corporate Tax

There are many tax incentives also available to corporations. Don’t miss out on yours!

HST and Payroll

The rules around HST sales tax and payroll taxes can be even more complex than the income tax rules. Penalties are no fun. Let our staff take care of these details so you can focus on more important stuff.

US Tax

Are you required to file in the USA? We have the expertise in house to file both your Canadian and US personal taxes. Have US corporate taxes to file? We can help with that too.

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